The Significance of the Elite Club

The Elite Club has been conceived, developed and soon to be launched as a concept which gives a new meaning to elitism. Elitism in the past tended to be the monopolization of knowledge and know how into one source that seeks to dominate and influence its thinking throughout the various parts of the world. However, with the pervasiveness of digital technology and the acknowledgment that knowledge is a commodity product elitism in so far as knowledge is concerned has gradually gone through a process of diminishing returns and knowledge is abundant in various parts of the world and access has been made extremely easy through the availability of social media tools. We have, as the European Centre for Best Practice Management always supported the drive for knowledge transfer and having been one of the first pioneers of the concept of benchmarking for best practice all over the world. We have advocated for nearly 30 years the benefits of sharing and the benefits of knowledge exchange as a currency that will accrue more through sharing and transferring knowledge. It therefore has got to be made available and shared seamlessly to allow those who give also to take and learn from the experience of others and capitalize on novel ideas and new concepts that again they may require and which they haven't thought of previously.

The concept of Elite as an acronym stands for Enhancing Learning Through Innovative Thinking and Excellence. This concept is geared towards supporting the continuous learning and development of excellence professionals and to allow them in the quest of their journeys, to remain confident about what they know and how it works in order to champion internal relevance and requirements but also to use the knowledge acquired and the know how in supporting organizations in different parts of the world absorb the new thinking and benefit from it in terms of developing their process capabilities and delivering value to their customers at the highest level. The Elite Club has seven elements which makes it an attractive concept and magnet for bringing together the global community of quality and excellence professionals and a voice of influence in so far as the discipline of quality and excellence is concerned and its future shaping is to be relevant as disruption continues and the digital revolution continues to reshape the meaning and purposefulness of organizations.


The Global voice of Q&E

The Vision of the Elite Club is to be the global voice of quality and excellence with professionals championing concepts, 
theories and applications in various parts of the world.